Look at your farm and see what you can change

Getting more diamonds within the game Hay Day – How to I have more coins and my dream deliver

Now it is going to obtain a bit difficult, because for the flight setting trick which we will present you now you have to act quick. The trick does work perfectly work for those who have WiFi. You will get up in order to twenty diamonds per hour if you work with the trick. Another trick which you’ll do is to use the Hay Day hack on http://www.hack-hayday.com/ which provides you with a lot of diamonds as well as some coins.

While you can harvest down fields you’re going to get some really useful building supplies like saws and sticks. When you’re mining mines you will get ores for this. And sometimes you will additionally be rewarded with valuable expensive diamonds. After you have sent a ship you’re going to get a new one. If you’re unlucky it will only contain sugar or dairy food. All this is made arbitrarily, you don’t have an influence with this. How nice would be the reset button to simply check it out again? Well the flight mode trick is actually a reset button, which I will show you with the mines. It will even work for many other actions.

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While your mobile device is within the flight mode you aren’t playing online and your exact same won’t get saved. We are causeing this to be to our advantage. Follow these types of steps for diamonds:

  • Start the gaming app Hay Day in your phone
  • Activate the trip more. Hay Day won’t be able to save anything until now now.
  • Quickly change in order to Hay Day and open you cherish chest or mind a my own
  • If you find the diamond then deactivate the trip mode, you should be on the internet soon. Chance to Hay Day as soon as possible, collect your diamond and change to a different farm. You are doing this simply because your game will be saved as a result. Return to your own farm and check out the second step again.
  • If you do not get any diamonds then quickly close the overall game. Turn off the flight setting. The game will be reseted and you will try it again.
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You will have the most fun in the advanced levels

Brand new tips and cheats to obtain more diamonds and coins

Whoever is playing the renowned game called Simpsons Tapped Out will request himself at one point how to get as quickly as possible to money, diamonds and creating materials. These items are truly valuable in the actual game, without them you cannot do anything in the online game. With the presented tips with this blog you can gain twenty diamonds as well as thirty building materials in an hour or so.

This is how you can get more coins

Sell your own products: Instead to waste your products for orders and ships just only produce for that selling market. Basically every single good could be sold for its highest price which is three times around you would get for purchases. The disadvantage: You won’t obtain any experience points, so you’d level up slower.

Open any treasure chests you discover: This is a breathtaking move to make, but in the mean time you are able to simply visit other farms and look for treasure chests over there

Using your friends: If you can make a gathering up with a friend in Simpsons Tapped Out you’ll be able to get money way faster compared to usual. For example you both may plant at your time simultaneously. You will not only have more coins, there is also a little chance of getting diamonds in the event that playing together. You both could use the Simpsons Tapped Out hack to get to numerous coins.

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How you will have more building materials in the exciting game
Building materials like saws and machines will be given to the player if he fulfills are some actions. So you could have it if you feed your creatures, collect goods or take care of the fields. For every 50th field you’re going to get a present, this can be some diamonds or lots of coins.

So what you wish to accomplish is to plant corn on to fifty fields and harvest all of them. You can sell the hammer toe afterwards. For this method you’ll need a pretty empty stock and a clear warehouse. For the corn you will not get a big amount associated with coins, but it’s the large amount of corn which is producing the difference. New Simpsons Tapped Out tips and cheats to obtain more diamonds and coins.

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